Lipomassage triggers the elimination of deep fat tissue that is resistant to diet and exercise.


LIPOMASSAGE Technology - Independent Motorized Rollers

LPG IMR Technology Lipomassage’s principle is based upon two electronically controlled motorized rollers located in an airtight chamber. Working with aspiration, the unique, patented LPG Roll Heads (or Independent Motorized Rollers [IMR]) form a ‘wave’ that folds and unfolds the skin. The skin fold is rolled at variable speeds, using forward or backward, diagonal or lateral maneuvers, according to the specific treatment objective.

The most recent generation (CelluM6 Keymodulei50 technology) features a redesigned treatment head with speed and rotation differentials and additional programs for greater depth of action and dramatically expanded applications.

Depending on the rotation direction and speed of the independent motorized rollers, the skin is drawn in numerous different folds all of different shapes, depths and thicknesses. As this happens, sensors provide instant feedback and a user friendly menu control display acts as a biofeedback monitoring system, providing users with extremely accurate treatment data.

Now with the Roll-in and the new and improved LPG protocols, Lipomassage by Endermologie® delivers more intensive deep tissue treatments for faster measurable results than ever before.

• Roll-in Allows for a more slenderized and streamlined physique, making dense, excess fats available for elimination.

• Roll-out Reconditions and structurally redefines deep layers of loose, sagging skin that topical solutions are unable to tone, tighten or firm.

• Roll-up Reshapes figure flaws to help one attain the optimal physical aesthetic.

LIPOMASSAGE Is Clinically Proven!

First Use of Microdialysis:

For the first time, world renowned researcher and specialist in fat cell metabolism, Dr. Lafontan used his invention, microdialysis, to analyze fluids exiting fat cells after Lipomassage mechanical stimulation, and he discovered that the stored fat was actually being expelled from the cells.

To illustrate this unique action, imagine sedentary, chubby fat cells suddenly enrolled in a salutary exercise program, where they "sweat off' excess fat and shrink in size.

'Rebooting' Fat Cell Metabolism: Prior to this study, the speculation was that fat cell size reduction was a side effect of the healthier environment of improved blood circulation and fluid mobilization caused by Endermologie®. This study reveals that the mechanical rolling and suction action of Lipomassage is directly and quantifiably responsible for 'rebooting' fat cell metabolism.

Adipocytes Reject Fatty Acids: By stimulating the beta receptor (cell "waste eliminator") and restoring lipolysis (or fat breakdown) with Lipomassage, fat cell metabolism is reactivated.

Now, instead of building reserves and getting bigger, adipocytes reject fatty acids. The Lipomassage workout produces results even on deep fat reserves where diet, exercise and other actions are ineffective.


Smooth Cellulite and Lose Inches Lipomassage treatments speed up the metabolism of fat cells, so they go through their life cycles more quickly. This helps the body get rid of fat faster than the cells can reproduce, so you not only smooth cellulite, you lose inches in treated areas.

Encouraging Fat Elimination for Men and Women:

This lypolytic (breaking down fat) activity works on all adipose cells, even those on a woman's thighs and derriere or a man's waist and love handles, where fat cells have a slower metabolism. These are the hardest areas to reach as this trapped fat is resistant to diet, exercise and invasive procedures. Lipomassage by Endermologie® encourages fat elimination for men and women on a long-term basis.